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Is Credit Repair Legal?

Is Credit Repair Legal?

Search for ways to improve your credit score, and the odds are good that before long you find many a credit repair service that offers - for a fee - credit rating repair. While bad credit repair does appear to be the magic bullet that affects a reduction in the interest rates you are charged, it is noteworthy that it is not always legal. In addition, free credit repair steps are to you, the consumer, already!

Does Your Credit Repair Service Advocate Dubious Means?

In the course of promising you bad credit repair, some agencies engage in shady dealings that may leave you holding the bag. Credit repair by virtue of applying and using a new social security number, for example, is an illegal means of affecting a credit rating repair. Moreover, fraudulently protesting actually accurate data included in your credit profile can lead to adverse notations with creditors and also credit bureaus.

How To Do Your Own Free Credit Repair

It is easy to start credit repair yourself. Request a copy of your credit report and peruse it for errors. Did a creditor show late payments when you were actually on time? Is a bad debt still on your profile even though it should have dropped off? Are there charge accounts on your credit profile that do not belong to you? All of these errors can be corrected and you can do your own, free, credit repair simply by disputing these matters with the credit bureau that issued the report.

In addition, those adverse notations that are correct may be withdrawn by the creditor if you and the creditor come to an agreement. For example, if you are past due on a loan, the creditor may erase the negative notation on your credit profile if you send in a payment that covers the arrears and brings your account current.